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Our Approach

Targeting Maine’s highest potential sectors, FocusMaine develops and coordinates a series of programs deployed by expert partner organizations to help companies within those sectors grow and flourish.  This initiative is creating measurable, positive impact in addressing Maine’s economic challenges.

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The Challenges

  • Maine needs to add at least 62,000 people to its workforce by 2029

  • We must attract and grow high-growth, globally competitive businesses to transform our economy
  • Between 2000 and 2022, Maine’s manufacturing sector suffered a total job loss of almost 27,000 jobs , representing a 33% decline

  • Our entrepreneurs need mentors, market access and capital to scale their businesses
  • Of Maine businesses, 99.2% are small businesses, accounting for more than half of the state’s workforce, 56.5%

FocusMaine’s Unique Approach


  • Dedicated to Maine’s highest potential sectors
  • High potential for accelerated job growth because they serve a growing global market
  • Are uniquely based on Maine assets so that they cannot relocate to another region
  • Provide jobs that create goods or services for export from the state of Maine, bringing new private dollars into Maine’s local economies
  • A neutral coordinator and facilitator among organizations
  • Led by an experienced and knowledgeable board of private sector leaders
  • Nimble and responsive to evolving sector needs and opportunities
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A Coordinated, Sector-Based Economic Development Solution

FocusMaine collaborates with industry sector leaders and workforce development experts. Together, they identify challenges to growth and develop strategies and programs to overcome them. High-impact partner organizations execute the programs, serving companies and interns in those sectors. This model creates a continuum of services and provides resources that otherwise would not be deployed in FocusMaine’s high-potential sectors.

Our Valued Partners

At FocusMaine, we are proud to partner with high-impact organizations that share our commitment to driving Maine’s food economy, promoting the growth of life sciences in our state, and preparing future workers for success. Through this partnership model, we coordinate the unique expertise of each of our partners, creating effective programs, avoiding duplicative efforts, and encouraging interdisciplinary innovation toward our shared goals.

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Selecting Maine's Highest Potential Sectors

In April 2015, FocusMaine hired a global consulting company to conduct an in-depth analysis of global trends and market opportunities, Maine’s competitive advantages related to those opportunities, and on-the-ground perspectives from Maine business leaders, economic thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers — the result: a focus on two globally competitive, high-growth industry sectors, Maine’s food economy and Maine’s bioeconomy, and building the workforce talent and skills needed for these sectors, as well as cross-cutting sectors

Corner Element

Growing Opportunity for Innovation

Life Sciences companies are already thriving in Maine. Here, you’re close enough to be able to take a scenic drive to Boston without the burden of big city expenses and distractions. It’s the perfect ecosystem for innovation.

Global Trends

  • Onshoring trend to bring manufacturing closer to R&D
  • 500+ biopharma companies exist in Boston/Cambridge alone
  • Growth in Boston bioscience requires 12,000-22,000 new jobs in next 12-18 months
  • 35% of all biotech IPOs in 2018 were MA-based companies

Maines’s Advantages

  • Lower business costs
  • An abundance of affordable land and resources
  • Favorable business incentives
  • Close proximity to Boston
  • A robust talent pool supported by 20+ colleges and universities in Maine offering life sciences degrees
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Maine Food

Whether the food is cultivated in soil or the ocean, the “Made in Maine” brand means more than just a product’s origin.

Thanks to Maine’s reputation for clean air, pure water, and hard-working people, “Made in Maine” means instant credibility in the hearts and minds of trust-seeking consumers throughout New England and beyond.

Global Trends

  • Rising demand for locally sourced, responsibly cultivated food products
  • A new generation of farmers who are embracing the farm-to-table movement
  • Rising need for secure local food supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic

Maine’s Advantages

  • Abundant water resources
  • Affordable land
  • Proximity to some of the largest U.S. cities
  • 8,000 farms and 1.5 million acres of farmland already fueling the region’s food economy

Transforming Maine into a hub for top talent

Our goals for Maine require a workforce with the skills and experience to contribute to their employers right away, respond to change, and advance to expanded roles. We’re building bridges between Maine’s businesses and Maine’s colleges and universities to cultivate a hub for top talent.

Global Trends

  • Career paths that help combat the effects of climate change
  • The rise of AI and its effects on the workforce and the knowledge economy
  • The rise of remote work has enabled stronger national and international connections and collaborations within and across organizations

Maine’s Advantages

  • Quality of life:
    • Low crime rates
    • Abundant natural beauty and access to outdoor recreation
    • Nationally recognized food & restaurant scene
    • Minimal traffic/congestion compared to major metro areas
  • A strong culture of collaboration
  • World-class colleges and universities
  • Nationally ranked K-12 public schools
  • Top-tier healthcare
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Our Impact

A Stronger Maine Economy

FocusMaine coordinates the expertise of high-impact organizations to deliver programs in our targeted sectors that catalyze job and revenue growth and attract new businesses to Maine.

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