Transition at FocusMaine

31 March 2022

A Message from Kim Hamilton & FocusMaine Co-chairs

Dear Friends,

After nearly five years as FocusMaine’s inaugural president, I’ve decided the time is right for me to transition out of my role at the end of June. The transition comes at the right time for me personally as I prioritize time with my family and at the right time for the organization as it lays the groundwork for its next exciting growth phase.

It has been a personal honor to work alongside so many committed individuals who share a singular vision:  to harness the power of good jobs to improve the lives of Maine families. Working with many of you, we have channeled energy, ideas and resources into sectors that are gateways to a brighter future for the state. In this process, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from big thinkers, maverick business leaders, and young people who are looking to start their career in Maine. They have challenged me, and their passion has filled me with an even deeper love for my state.

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