The Power of Partnerships

FocusMaine works in strategic partnership with established and tested Maine organizations that are interested in aligning their work with our ultimate goal: 20,000 jobs.

We collaborate with a shared vision to:

  • Become a renowned producer of high-quality agricultural and aquacultural food products;
  • Build opportunities to advance biopharmaceutical manufacturing and related activities; and
  • Pioneer models to attract more people to Maine, while growing the skills and talent base for our focus industries.

Coastal Enterprises, Inc., Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Maine Aquaculture Association, Maine Center for Entrepreneurs, and Maine & Co. are working with ocean farmers and food and beverage companies to grow their businesses. FocusMaine is building connections to biopharmaceutical companies in the metro Boston area with the goal of sparking interest in expanding to Maine. Maine & Co. is helping us to make sure these companies succeed.

We’re working with Educate Maine on the new FocusMaine Internship Experience, which is designed to raise awareness among interns of long-term career opportunities in Maine, thereby strengthening the talent pipeline in our sectors.

Together, we are achieving remarkable synergies that will create quality jobs in a vibrant and sustainable Maine economy.