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Recruiting great interns is difficult, and convincing them to accept a job and stay in Maine is often more challenging.

In Maine, one company isn’t enough to convince the most talented and ambitious college grads to live and work here when they graduate. It takes a village of employers and partners to demonstrate the kind of economic vibrancy and career opportunity that young people want.

GMRIIDEXX, LLBean, MaineHealth, MedRhythms, Tyler Technologies, Unum, and WEX are working together with Innovate for Maine, Project Login, and SHRM and individual leaders to pilot a new initiative to build community among interns in Maine. We believe that if interns across employers feel more connected to each other, to our state, and to our local communities, the interns will be more likely to say “YES!” when we offer them jobs.

We plan to test our idea this summer through a series of collaborative events and activities under the banner FocusMaine Intern Experience.

Note: While we have reached our cap of 250 intern for our pilot year, we look forward to working with even more companies in 2018. Email to have your company added to the list of participating businesses in the FocusMaine Intern Experience for 2018.

You can learn more about FocusMaine Intern Experience by clicking on the link below.

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