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The 2018 FocusMaine Intern Experience was a success, and we want your organization to participate in 2019!

Recruiting great interns is difficult. Convincing them to accept a job and stay in Maine is often more challenging.

Here in Maine, one company isn’t enough to convince the most talented college and graduate school students to live and work here when they graduate. It takes a village of employers and partners to demonstrate that Maine has the kind of economic vibrancy and career opportunities young people want.

That is why more than 20 Maine employers (and their combined 250 interns) joined together in 2017 for the inaugural FocusMaine Intern Experience to build community among interns in Maine. In 2018, 30 organizations across Maine partnered for the second year of the program. The number of participating interns grew to more than 400, all of whom had the opportunity to participate in a variety of social, recreational and professional developments we and our partners hosted throughout the summer.

Our goal is to help interns across employers feel more connected to each other, our state, and our communities and employers, and make sure they have opportunities to see that Maine is a great place to live and work. The result? They will be more likely to say “YES!” when Maine employers offer them jobs so more great talent stays in Maine, benefiting our state’s employers, economy and people.

Hear what employers had to say about the value of the experience here:

If you are an employer interested in participating in the 2019 FocusMaine Intern Experience, please contact us at

We hope your organization will partner with us!